CTE Teach

California Department of Education

Empowering CTE Teachers

In partnership with the California Department of Education, CTE Teach supports the unique needs of new Career Technical Education (CTE) teachers transitioning from industry into the classroom as well as veteran CTE teachers. CTE Teach provides training and professional development using three strategies:

  1. an on-line early orientation program;
  2. an online professional development program; and
  3. a two year teacher induction program.

Additionally, in partnership with the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) CTE Teach prepares CTE teachers and administrators with the only evidenced-based program known as Career Technical Educators using Data Driven Instruction (CTEDDI) to use data to continuously improve instruction for CTE students.

The Four Cornerstones of CTE Teach

  • Increase teacher retention;
  • Improve teacher training;
  • Enhance teacher effectiveness; and
  • Advance student learning.


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