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Our Foundation

In October of 2003, the Colton Redlands Yucaipa Regional Occupational Program (CRY-ROP) formed a nonprofit foundation to benefit and support CRY-ROP students in their journey for high quality career training that meets their educational and occupational goals. Congratulations to the 2019-2020 CRY-ROP recipients.
CRY-ROP Foundation Bob Bruce Memorial Scholarship:
  • Vanessa E., Yucaipa HS
  • Mateo C., Colton HS
  • Lesley T., Bloomington HS
  • Liona L., Redlands HS
CRY-ROP Foundation Dr. Linda Denver Scholarship:
  • Elsa F., Bloomington HS
  • Evelyn H., Bloomington HS
  • Luis P., Bloomington HS
  • Prabhnoor S., Grand Terrace HS
Corvette West/Tom Bell Chevrolet Scholarship:
  • Ruby O., Bloomington HS
Career, Education and Life Planning Scholarship
  • Hayden L., CRY-ROP Adult- Main Campus
  • Miguel R., Adult Main Campus
CRY-ROP Foundation Student Ambassador Scholarship:
  • Hailey A., Redlands East Valley HS
  • Destiny, C., Grand Terrace HS
  • Mateo C., Colton HS
  • Brenda G., Colton HS
  • Stephanie G., Bloomington HS
  • Iheanyichuku, K., Citrus Valley HS
  • Priscilla M., Redlands HS
  • Mimi T., Citrus Valley HS
  • Giselle R., Bloomington HS
  • Simidale R., Redlands East Valley HS
  • Angel R., Grand Terrace HS
  • Frida S., Grand Terrace HS
  • Celeste V., Grand Terrace HS
  • Aaleyah W., Redlands East Valley HS
Beaver Medical Clinic Foundation:
  • S Corral, CRY-ROP Adult-Main Campus
  • Phyllis E., CRY- ROP Adult- Main Campus
  • Gabrielle H., CRY- ROP Adult- Main Campus
  • Deietra H., CRY- ROP Adult- Main Campus
  • Jolone K., CRY- ROP Adult- Main Campus
Students are notified by their ROP teachers when the scholarship packets have been made available.

If you or your organization wish to contribute to the CRY-ROP Foundation Scholarship, please email Sandy Mortensen.