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Policies & Bylaws

What are policies, regulations and bylaws?
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A policy is a guide for discretionary action. It must be narrow enough to give clear guidance to the Superintendent, but broad enough to allow use of discretion in meeting the circumstances of individual cases. Boards adopt policies.
A regulation (rule) is a specification of a required action. It tells exactly what is to be done, and usually tells who is to do it and when. Rule-making is the administrator's job. It's one of the methods the Superintendent uses to carry out the Governing Board's intentions as expressed in Governing Board policies. Board approve administrative regulations or rules.
A bylaw is a rule governing the board's internal operations. Bylaws build stability into Governing Board operations. Boards adopt bylaws. 
To view CRY-ROP's policies and bylaws, click here: CRY-ROP BoardDocs Policies
All Board Policies are also available for viewing in the CRY-ROP Administrative Office located at 1214 Indiana Court, Redlands, CA 92374. Please email Executive Administration Assistant Heidi Brady for more information.