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What is ROP?
Regional Occupational Centers and Programs (ROC/Ps) are public agencies of the State Department of Education and unique to California in providing quality career training. Seventy-four ROC/Ps throughout the state offer Career Technical Education to high school students and adults regardless of sex, race, religion, income, color, national origin or impairment.
The Colton-Redlands-Yucaipa Regional Occupational Program (CRY-ROP) provides Career Technical Education for:
  • High school students preparing for a selected career field
  • Out-of-school youth seeking skills for today's job market
  • College-bound high school students seeking University of California a-g aligned programs, articulation credits for programs completed while in high school, or job skills that will assist in financing a college education
  • Adults in need of skill upgrade for career advancement
  • Individuals planning a career change; and/or planning to re-enter the workforce
When are programs offered?
Programs are offered year-round beginning each school semester in fall and spring.
Who are ROP teachers?
All CRY-ROP teachers are credentialed by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Credential requirements include professional, industry relevant, work experience. Many teachers remain employed in industry even after transitioning into teaching. All teachers remain active in their industry to ensure up-to-date curriculum.
How are businesses involved?
All CRY-ROP programs are annually validated by our Employer Advisory Committees. Community business representatives review CRY-ROP curriculum to ensure labor market alignment and relevance. Additionally, business partners provide internship opportunities for students, volunteer as classroom guest speakers, donate equipment, and assist with funding scholarships. CRY-ROP provides businesses with a pool of skilled workers who are potential employees. If you are interested in becoming a CRY-ROP business partner, please call (909) 793-3115 ext. 318 or 399.