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Support & Job Placement

Placement Assistance

Our Student Services staff and adult program teachers are happy to provide job placement assistance and leads.  In collaboration with employers, we identify placement opportunities, and provide training to support the demands of the workforce, to ensure that, our students are competitive in the workplace. 
The curriculum in each adult program has a unit of study where each student will be required to compile a “Professional Portfolio” that will contain at a minimum an updated resume, cover letter and supporting documents to assist the student when seeking employment.

Job Leads

Students can obtain job leads for a job related to their CRY-ROP Adult training program by contacting Student Services at (909) 793 3115 extension 522 or by emailing

Tutoring Services

Tutoring services are available free of charge to all students enrolled at the Adult Campus, by appointment with the program teacher.  In addition, we have a computer area located in Building B, where students can access computers to complete assignments, study, print, or work with others.  During the 2020-2021 school year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic please contact the staff in Student Services to schedule an appointment to use the lab or to arrange an alternate form of service.  For more information please call 909-793-3115 extension 522.

Equal Opportunity / Non-Discrimination Policy

CRY-ROP does not discriminate in its admissions, or treatment in, its programs and activities including; advertising, training, placement, and employment. Non-discrimination applies to hiring of all positions and admission of all students into all programs. Students with special needs such as physical, mental conditions or learning disabilities are considered for admission.

CRY-ROP abides by all provisions of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, and displays the “Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law” posters in English. For access to all other languages please go to the following website and use the accessibility tools within the CRY-ROP website to have translated into other languages.