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Educators / Counselors

CRY-ROP offers ongoing professional development designed to support the unique needs of Career Technical Education (CTE) professionals. These resources are provided to enhance instructional and classroom management skills, as well as provide information regarding changes in pedagogy and subject matter. Professional development offerings have included:
  1. Effective, subject-specific teaching methods, strategies, and skills.
  2. The use of technologies to enhance instruction.
  3. Sensitivity to and ability to meet the needs of diverse student populations.
  4. The integration of academic and career technical instruction to increase student learning.
  5. Effective classroom management skills and strategies.
  6. The use of data to guide instruction.
CRY-ROP's professional development events are offered periodically throughout the school year to a variety of audiences. Training is tailored to meet the needs of CTE educators who bridge the academic world to the workforce. Bringing CTE educators together from across the state provides the rich context necessary to enhance the effectiveness of CTE professionals in the classroom.