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College Credit

As a student, you have the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school by successfully completing what's called "articulated" CRY-ROP programs. This means that when you apply to a participating community college, you won't have to retake a program that you've already taken through CRY-ROP! This saves you time and money.
Articulation is a process that allows high school students to receive a letter grade and community college credits for CRY-ROP programs. The credits appear on a college transcript with the same letter grade you receive in your CRY-ROP program. For example, if you receive a grade of "A" in your articulated CRY-ROP program, your college transcript will show the grade of "A" next to the articulated community college course.

Active articulation agreements must be in place between CRY-ROP and a participating community college at the time that you were enrolled in the program. In order to receive college credit for an articulated CRY-ROP program, you must:
  1. Meet minimum requirements as outlined in the articulation agreement.
  2. Complete the steps found on the directions on how to apply page.
Articulation Agreements - a list of articulated programs, minimum requirements, and participating colleges.