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"ROP has helped me change my outlook on who I want to be and what I want to be."
- Jacqueline BHS
"It helps me be prepared for the future workforce."
- CJUSD Parent
"ROP shows a different side of education. CTE is for everybody."
- Spencer RHS
"ROP prepares me for the real world and improves my work ethic behaviors and responsibilities at all levels."
- Sarah REV
"I chose CRYROP because they prepare me for college."
- Jamar CVHS
"ROP classes help teens acquire job skills, get started in the real world, and gain knowledge. I love ROP."
- Sabrina REV
"CRYROP gives students the opportunity to explore what it takes to be in a working environment."
- Jemina GTHS
"I took Child Development because I want to be a social worker. ROP classes are different than regular classes, they put things into perspective. I know when I attend college the things I have learned will be useful in my chosen Career."
- Adilene CRYROP Student
"Auto Shop has introduced me to my future."
- Alexandria CRYROP Student