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"Thank you Mrs. Gourlay! Though I was only in your class for about a month it was LITERALLY the only class I looked forward to throughout the day, the students in your class were fun to talk to and the assignments were fun and manageable, thank you for the memories I'll carry with me into my adulthood, you are appreciated! "
- Isaiah BHS
"ROP has helped me change my outlook on who I want to be and what I want to be."
- Jacqueline BHS
"It helps me be prepared for the future workforce."
- CJUSD Parent
"ROP shows a different side of education. CTE is for everybody."
- Spencer RHS
"ROP prepares me for the real world and improves my work ethic behaviors and responsibilities at all levels."
- Sarah REV
"I chose CRYROP because they prepare me for college."
- Jamar CVHS
"ROP classes help teens acquire job skills, get started in the real world, and gain knowledge. I love ROP."
- Sabrina REV
"CRYROP gives students the opportunity to explore what it takes to be in a working environment."
- Jemina GTHS
"I took Child Development because I want to be a social worker. ROP classes are different than regular classes, they put things into perspective. I know when I attend college the things I have learned will be useful in my chosen Career."
- Adilene CRYROP Student
"Auto Shop has introduced me to my future."
- Alexandria CRYROP Student