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Workers Compensation

In the event that you experience a work related injury or illness, contact your Supervisor and/or Human Resources immediately. Human Resources can be reached at 909 793-3115, ext. 105 or 108.

The supervisor and/or injured employee should immediately call the Company Nurse at 1-888-375-0280 if 911 emergency services are not needed. Company Nurse is available 24 a day. The following services will be provided:
  1. The Company Nurse will discuss the injury and symptoms with the employee and determine if the employee needs to see a doctor or if home and/or self-care is appropriate.
  2. The Company Nurse may direct you to a designated medical clinic (HealthPointe).
  3. The Company Nurse will generate a Workers’ Compensation Claim Form (DWC-1).
  4. The Company Nurse will notify Human Resources of the injury.
  5. If the employee does not choose to see a doctor, then the DWC-1 form is not to be completed.
    1. The employee must sign the Refusal of Medical Treatment form.
  6. If an employee requests to see his/her own private doctor and that doctor is not a member of the MPN, then there must be a pre-designated physician form on file in Human Resources.
    1. Please contact HR to see if a form is on file.

More information and digital forms: