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What is Voltage Email EncryptionTop of Page

Every day we exchange emails from sender to recipient. These emails are secured by your password.
If your password is compromised, a person could then access your email using a web browser via the OWA (Outlook Web App).
All of your emails would then be visible to them and if you sent or received anything with confidential information, they would now have access to that information.

To prevent that, we want to encrypt emails that contain sensitive or confidential data.
We do this using the Voltage Encryption Client and Voltage Encryption Web Access.
They are many other encryption tools out there, we found Voltage to be the best fit for us.

You will want Voltage Encryption Account to have a different password then your work email password.
If your work email password is compromised, for one reason or another, all of your encrypted emails would still remained encrypted as long as your Voltage password was not compromised as well.
The Voltage Encryption Client is only available to those who use Microsoft Outlook to access CRY-ROP Emails.
The client will simplify sending and receiving encrypted messages and is recommend over OWA.

When to use itTop of Page

Email encryption should be used any time you are sending PII (Personally Identifiable Information), confidential or sensitive information.

Examples of PII are Student Names, Birthdates, Student ID Numbers, Addresses, Phone Numbers, etc.

If you are not sure if something needs to be encrypted or not, it is best to encrypt it anyways.

How to use itTop of Page

Encrypting a New Email:
  1. In the Microsoft Outlook Click the Home Tab > New Email
  2. As a safety measure, don't enter a recipient just yet.
  3. Enter a the Email Subject
    1. Do Not Enter Any Confidential Information in the Subject as it will not be encrypted.
  4. Enter your message and content into the Email Body
    1. All contents in the body and any attachments will be encrypted.
  5. When you are ready to send your email, you will then add your recipients then select the “Send Secure” button instead of the normal “Send” Button.
Do not send encrypted emails to a group mail box such as:
   HumanResources, A-Building, AllStaff or MainOfficeStaff
If you do need to send an encrypted email to a group:
   Select the group, then hover over the group name and click the plus sign to expand the group.
Replying to an email with encryption:
For some versions of Microsoft Outlook, when you are viewing email and you click the reply button, it doesn’t open a new window and it suppresses itself inside of the reading pain.

The problem with this is that the “Send Secure” option will not be visible. In order to see the “Send Secure” button you will need to do the following:
  1. When you click Reply you will see a button that say “Pop Out” this will open your reply email in a new window.
  2. Then follow steps 2-5 from the “New Email Section”.

How will the recipients see the emails?Top of Page

If you are sending the email to a staff member at the ROP Site, we are using the Voltage Encryption Client, therefore the contents will be decrypted when we access the email.
Most employees outside of the ROP Site, do not have the Voltage Encryption Client installed.
So they will see the subject of your email, but they will not be able to review the contents of it until they download the message_zdm.html file that is attached to the email.
Once they have downloaded the message_zdm.html file, they will need to open it (It should launch in a web browser).
If this is there first time accessing a Voltage Encrypted Email, they will be asked to enter their full name, password twice, and selecting a secret question and answer for password retrieval.

  1. They will receive an email from the voltage administrator ( Steven Johnson ) asking them to “activate” their account.
  2. They will click the link to activate their account where they will be prompted to enter a password they had just selected.
  3. They will then reopen the message_zdm.html file they downloaded, enter their password and they should now have access to the contents of that email.
  4. They can then reply within the Voltage Encryption Website and it will encrypt the contents and send it back to you or the recipient they select.
If they already have Voltage Encryption account, they will just proceed to step 3 and 4.

I’m outside of the office, but I need to send an encrypted email, what can I do?Top of Page

If you already have your Voltage account setup, then you will go to
You will enter your email address and password and will start your new encrypted email there.
Because you have bypassed your main inbox, you will want to select the “Copy Me” option at the bottom, as sending an encrypted email this way will not show up in your sent items.