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WorkAbility 1

WorkAbility 1 (WA1) assists high school students with disabilities between the ages of 16-21, in making the transition from high school to work and/or post-secondary education. WorkAbility I collaborates with local agencies and resources to ensure an unduplicated, cost effective delivery of services.
WorkAbility I emphasize strong work ethics and provides secondary students with an understanding of job seeking and job keeping skills.  The employability of the student is further enhanced by structured Career Technical Educational training and subsidized and unsubsidized work experience. Local CRY-ROP’s WorkAbility I program successfully coordinates comprehensive services tailored to meet the local economic, societal and geographic needs.

Basic Information:

  • Since 1982 CRY-ROP’s WorkAbility I program has successfully conducted interagency coordination of services with the State Department of Rehabilitation and California Department of Education.
  • Statewide, WorkAbility I programs has received national and state recognition of its success in matching young adults with disabilities to employers.
  • WorkAbility I was initiated in 1981 in response to a California Department of Education study indicating students with disabilities were not being adequately prepared for the labor market.
  • The WorkAbility I program is funded and administered by the California Department of Education’s Special Education Division.