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Teacher Resources

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Link to the Canvas Learning Management System, for CEO Courses Only.
Link to the instructions for completing the required credentialing orientation.
Link to our current articulation agreements with the colleges.
Link to the CATEMA web page. After you've reached the page, select the community college that your course is articulated with to create or sign in to your teacher account.
This link will take you to the CJUSD Haiku page that has helpful information about Haiku, Google  and other tech services utilized by CJUSD.

Teacher Support
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Christopher McClung 
Special Projects Coordinator
(909) 793-3115 EXT. 202
Community Recruiters
James Hattar
Community Recruiter - CJUSD
(909) 793-3115 Ext. 318
David Aman
Community Recruiter - RUSD and YCJUSD
(909) 793-3115 Ext. 200
Instructional Technology Facilitators
Alex Becerra
Instructional Technology Facilitator
(909) 793-3115 Ext. 319
Student Records
Tina Hinojosa
Data Analyst
(909) 793-3115 Ext. 320